The DigiEnergy+ consortium

Fundacion GFM Renovables

A non-profit organization with more than 20 years of experience in the field of training. Located in Villacañas, a small town in Toledo (Spain). With an extension of 3,200 m2 for training and technical units. It has made a qualitative leap in terms of adaptation to the needs of training and youth in the field of renewable energy. renewable energies. It collaborates with the entity GFM, a leader in the field of sustainability, renewable energies, environment and entrepreneurship. 


ATERMON is a start-up focusing on intelligent uses of Game-Based Learning and Web 3.0 technologies and tools for the implementation of solutions that can deliver lasting learning experiences of real practical value. Our mission is to be at the forefront of applied research in emerging technologies and tools.  Our activities are focused on: Gamification Elaboration of instructional strategies aiming to increase engagement, motivation, and participation and integration of game strategies (competing, awarding, scoring, etc.) to existing applications and/or online communities

IES Consaburum

  IES CONSABURUM is a public center belonging to the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha, where compulsory education, high school, and vocational training cycles are taught. The center has 70 teachers and trains an average of 700 students per year.  The Institute has received support from the European Social Fund for the reduction and prevention of early school leaving and the improvement of education and vocational training, enabling pupils to achieve professional skills that will enable them to enter the labor market satisfactorily and extending basic skills for further study in the various courses of study.  The center is composed of 18 departments

European Centre in Training for Employment

  ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment, based in Rethymnon of Crete in Greece, is certified by the ministry of education as an educational center for continuous education, as well as guidance for employment centers. The educational programs that ECTE develops and implements are targeting the adaptation of the working force to the transformations of the technological, socio-economic and physical environment, the promotion of regional development, the improvement of the existing and the acquisition of new qualifications, and the exchange of experience and know-how in national and international level.

Liceul Tehnologic Bratianu

  Liceul Tehnologic Bratianu  is is a center that depends on the Ministry of Education of Romania. Our experience shows the professionalism and power of maintaining our institution located at Draga.ani, Vâlcea county. We have more than 99 years of activity. Our school is characterized by respect for tradition and customs, regularly organizing events and extra-curricular activities for students on the school premises. 

Learning & Development Institute of Berlin

LDI is a private educational institute, located in Berlin. It concentrates on educational projects and activities in the areas of vocational training and education, adult education, and labor. Aims are to initiate European exchange within these fields, to integrate into educational processes gender & diversity as concepts for more equal chances and acknowledgment, and to bring innovative approaches with European dimensions into education. Services include delivery of training courses, the arrangement of work-based training, and observatory technical visits in Berlin.