Kick-Off Meeting in Dragasani, Romania

The consortium met in Dragasani on the 8th of July for the Kick-Off Meeting of the Project.  The partnership is comprised of 6 partner countries from Spain. Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Germany.

The Coordinator of the partnership GFM Renovables with vast experience in the field of renewable energies coordinated the meeting and presented the main results which will be realised throught the course of the Project. In addition, all partners cooperated and contributed to the discussions relevant to project activities and provided valuable input. 

The main point of the agenda was the start of Output 1 including:

SWOT Analysis
1. New technologies or online training as an enabler of education in renewable energies. 
2. Employability and relationship with ICT in the field of renewable energy education. 
3. Good practices in educational competencies in the field of renewable energies in Vocational training. 
4. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Methodological Guide: Focus on good practices and, technically, is an expansion of the third point of the SWOT analysis.

The Partners also discussed the main objectives of the project, dissemination and management activities as well as the next steps of the project. 

The main conclusion of our meeting and imperative part of our project is that ONLINE TRAINING is a necessary aspect in the VET area as a pedagogical outcome and, above all, as a way of adapting to the new needs of the market and of flexibility and adaptation to the situations of the different students who participate in them.